Aquatics Schedule

Our Leisure and Therapy Pools are used for a variety of programs. Be sure to check the Aquatics schedule to view the swim times that you are interested in!

Lane swim
YMCA Lane Swims let you swim at your own pace, providing great cardiovascular exercise and improved muscle strength without stressing your joints. Lanes are available for all swim abilities. Make it a habit and you’ll soon be on your way to healthier body.

Early Years
For parents/guardians and their preschool aged children (6 and under) to relax and play in our therapy pool. Pool depth 3 feet 8 inches. Small toys available.

Deep Warm
Enjoy the therapeutic properties of being suspended in warm water. Ideal for those with back issues and joint pain. Pool depth 5 feet.

Adult Warm
Come relax, stretch or just float around in our warm pool. Pool depth 3 feet 8 inches.

Aquatic Fitness

Swim Lessons 

Adult Recreation
A recreational swim with toys in the 25 metre leisure pool for members over the age of 18. 

Family swim
YMCA Family Swim is an unstructured activity that lets the entire family stay active together. The sessions add variety, cardiovascular fitness, and fun to your family’s fitness routine.

Family swim sessions are included with your YMCA membership. Community members can also access Family Swim sessions through the purchase of YMCA day passes.