Camp isn't just something to do when school's out — it's a life-changing experience! Flags are captured, friendships are forged, and somewhere in between, children discover themselves.

As Saint John's largest camp provider, we deliver a unique blend of quality programs that build confidence, improve social skills, and foster independence and leadership. By building connections with other campers and YMCA staff, your child will be encouraged to reach for the best in themselves, and in others, every day — all while having fun!

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Overnight Camps

Established in 1928 by the Saint John YWCA, Camp Glenburn has helped shape campers’ childhoods for generations. In 1949, the camp located to its current site. Today, Camp Glenburn is the YMCA’s only overnight camp in New Brunswick. As the province’s only nondenominational overnight camp, we are open to everyone.

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