Unfortunately we are experiencing a lack of hot water at the Saint John Regional Y. Our team is hard at work to fix the issue and ensure hot water is up and running early next week. We will keep you updated! Thank you for your patience and understanding. 

Shilo Boucher, CPA,CA,ICD.D
President and Chief Executive Officer
T: 646-2109
E: s.boucher@saintjohnY.ca

Julie Estabrooks, CPA,CA
VP of Finance
T: 646-2117
E: j.estabrooks@saintjohnY.ca

Adrienne Boudreau
VP Child Care and Camping
T: 646-2102
E: a.boudreau@saintjohny.ca

Cindy Floyd, CFRE
VP Philanthropy and Communications
T: 634-4927
E: c.floyd@saintjohny.ca

Angélique Simpson, MA, LL.B  
VP Newcomer and Community Connections
T: 646-2389
E: a.simpson@saintjohny.ca

Cara Coes
General Manager, Membership, Fitness and Aquatics
T: 634-4420
E: c.coes@saintjohny.ca