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The Technogym System is the Key to Wellness

The TechnoGym system is a series of exercise machines that targets all major muscle groups and the cardiovascular system. What makes the TechnoGym system YMCA Wellness Key different and unique is that each machine is computerized. This allows each machine to be programmed with your individual fitness profile. Inserting the "Wellness Key" into the machine automatically sets the machine to your individual measurements, number of repetitions and weight requirements. The machines display your range of motion, speed and repetition, and monitors compliance so that you get the ultimate workout benefit. It's like having a personal trainer with you each step of the way through your fitness program!

Who benefits from the TechnoGym System? Beginners, nonprofessional or professional athletes, post rehab, those who haven't exercised in a long time, or those who are just intimidated by machines and gyms in general.

Why Use The TechnoGym System?

The TechnoGym system is a computer based fitness program that can help anyone achieve their desired results. Trainers can customize workouts with testing and biofeedback results. This technology allows you to establish a baseline for cardiovascular and strength training. The computer keeps track of your workouts, allowing you to review your progress towards wellness.

The Wellness Key 

Imagine what you can achieve with the most technologically advanced gym equipment, combined with dedicated gym staff and superb service.

The Wellness key system is unique within the industry and provides a totally computerised training regime, which can be downloaded to your electronic key and makes coming to the gym a totally user friendly experience. It’s the most convenient way to achieve consistency and control in your routine. Ask one of our certified Fitness Coaches about purchasing a Wellness Key for $25 +tax and receiving access to a Personal Training Program at your fingertips. You can also download the My Wellness App for free and track your progress at the Y. Download the App today!