A well-prepared camper is a happy camper. Here is some information to help parents and children get ready for time away from home.  

What to Expect & Pack

We want your camper to be prepared for a wide range of activities, and a wide range of weather conditions too! For a detailed outline of the check-in process at camp, the first day of camp activities and a recommended list of items to pack, review our Camper Information Kit  and Leadership Information Kit


We may Go Wild at Camp Glenburn, but we do so safely and with structure. To ensure all campers have the best experience possible in a safe way, we have the following policies in place.

Technology Devices

We are committed to helping campers unplug from their daily routines and make the most of their camp experience. In order to nurture a stronger connection with nature, we do not allow tech devices at camp. If a camper possesses a tech device upon arrival, including (but not limited to) mobile phones, iPods, tablets, laptops, portable video games, DVD players and walkie-talkies, these items will be held in the camp staff office until the end of the camp session.

Other ‘Do Not Bring’ Items

For everyone’s safety at camp, please do not pack potentially dangerous items such as candles, lighters, matches, knives, slingshots, or valuables that could be lost or stolen. If a camper arrives with these items (and other potentially unsafe items as per the discretion of the counsellor or camp director), they will be held at the camp office until the end of the camp session.


Lice checks are performed during check-in on Opening Day. Any camper found with lice will be sent home for treatment and will not be able to return until the next available session. 


At-home behavioural issues and patterns should be shared with our staff in advance of the camp session. Any disciplinary methods that are routinely used at home should also be shared with our counsellors so we can maintain a consistent approach.

If disciplinary issues arise, parents or guardians will be contacted immediately. We work with parents / guardians and campers to resolve these issues, following a three-strike rule. As a last resort, if the issue is not resolved and ongoing in nature, the camper will be sent home.

We have a zero tolerance policy for use and / or possession of tobacco, alcohol or drugs – campers in violation will immediately be sent home.