We are so excited to welcome your camper to Glenburn and want to make sure you are in the loop on when and how communication will work during their stay with us. 

One of the greatest benefits campers and parents receive during their time apart is the opportunity to disconnect, which fosters independence. That being said we do work hard to ensure families know what is happening and frequently post photos during each week of camp on our Facebook Page

Our camp staff will contact families should there be any homesickness, medical or behavioural concerns. We hope you find comfort that no news is good news. 

If you are interested in learning more about the multiple forms of communication you will experience throughout your camp journey, please read on... 

Communication with Glenburn 

1) Confirmation Email Upon Registration. 

2) Pre-Camp Email in June 

3) Pre-Camp Email Sent 1 Week Prior to Attending Camp 

4) Cabin Photo Emailed Mid-Week of Camp 

5) Facebook Photos Throughout The Week 

6) Camper Report at Pick Up 

7) Post Camp Email Survey