Adventurer (2-Nights)

Age: 7-9 
Your little adventurer is in for a great introduction to camp life! For most campers, this is their first experience away from home. Our experienced staff provides extra care to ensure a supportive and active environment is provided.
Cost:220.00$ +tax

Leadership (12-Nights)

Age: 12-15 
This all-encompassing leadership program provides a unique combination of on-site leadership development and challenging outdoor excursions. Through a week-long canoe or hiking trip, campers will learn in-depth paddling and camping skills. These extended trips also give teens the opportunity for personal growth, confidence-building, teamwork and reinforces a strong connection with nature. While on-site, campers stay in tents in our Leadership Council (LC) beach.  There are two 12-night Leadership sessions to choose from: 
- Leadership Hike (trips have included Fundy National Park, Fundy Footpath and Dobson Trails),
- Leadership Canoe (trips have included Restigouche River, St. Croix River, St. John River and Spednic Lake). 
Cost: 890.00$ +tax
Leadership bursaries available


Discoverer (5-Nights)

Age: 7-15 (Junior and Senior options)
Your camper will discover a closer connection to nature during this action-packed week. Activities are focused on nurturing an interest in the great outdoors through two interest groups and an optional one-night trip of tenting under the stars. 
Cost: 430.00$ +tax

Leader in Training (19-Nights)

Age: 12-15 
The 3-week Leader in Training session is the newest addition to the Glenburn schedule. The program provides extensive skill development, a 5-day hike and a 5-day canoe trip, and memories and friendships to last a lifetime. The program is perfect for teens who are looking for adventure, challenges and a real sense of accomplishment. It also acts as a great stepping stone for anyone interested in the CIT program in years to come. Past trips have included:
- Hiking in Fundy National Park, Fundy Footpath and Dobson Trail,

- Canoeing on the Restigouche River, St. Croix River, St. John River and Spednic Lake. 
Cost: 1185.00$ +tax
Leadership bursaries available

Explorer (12-Nights)

Age: 9-15 (Junior and Senior options)
Explorers are fully immersed in the Camp Glenburn experience. The session offers opportunities to challenge oneself and learn new skills abound. Campers will participate in four interest groups and an optional two-night tenting trip.
Cost: 770.00$ +tax

C.I.T. (8-Weeks)

Age: 15-16
The goal of the Cousellor inTraining program is to give each participant the tools and experiences necessary to be strong leaders. Skills developed during the CIT summer become the foundation to life long successes. Each candidate selected for the CIT program has the opportunity to challenge themselves to reach new heights, both personally and as a part of a group. While living and working together for eight weeks, this team will develop a proficiency and certifications in skills such as: canoeing, kayaking, climbing, environmental education, drama, adventure-based programming, outdoor living skills, First Aid, CPR, out-tripping, and swimming (Bronze Cross). Applications for the 2017 CIT group are closed. The 2018 CIT applications will become available in December 2017.
Cost: 2000.00$ +tax


Day Camp (5-Days)

Age: 7-11
Our Day Camp is an opportunity for your camper to get a taste of our site and activities, the days will be filled with activities for everyone. Come play on our rockwall, highropes, canoes, kayaks and beach. Not the mention the crafts, games, firebuilding and so much more! Transportation is available for an extra $20, with a bus leaving from the Saint John Regional Y, stopping at the Qplex in Quispamsis and travelling to Camp Glenburn.  
Cost: 175.00$