It’s no secret that Canada’s Labour market is becoming increasingly diverse. Employers must invest in the training and tools that will enable them to work more effectively across cultures, and to fuel innovation, performance and drive. This is known as “cultural competency”.

Cultural Competency is the ability to work and relate effectively across various cultural situations. It is a key building block in forming positive, production and dynamic cross-cultural work environment. Cultural differences may manifest themselves in communication style, situational interpretation, or workplace conduct - just to name a few - and cultural competency is a vital skill for employers and employees to create highly functioning teams.

We provide cultural competency training to a cross-section of private and public stakeholders in the community. Our staff are trained to deliver the Provincial curriculum, as mandated by the New Brunswick Multicultural Council. We are committed to delivering a high-quality and industry-leading training by utilizing best practices from internationally recognized programs.

We offer tailor-made, sector specific programs for large and small groups.

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