"The volunteer from Newcomer Connections inspired me. It was a great match! We're still in touch ... it was only supposed to be for one year, but our connection and friendship will last a lifetime."  - Raghu

Adjusting to a new way of life in a new country is not an easy task. Community volunteers are integral in helping us achieve our mission. Most importantly, volunteers give newcomer immigrants in Saint John the opportunity to participate and integrate fully into the community. The work we do is incomplete without our volunteers!

Opportunities include:

  • First Friend - Help create a natural, unique friendship with a newcomer match while assisting them in adjusting to life in Canada. A key component is encouraging them to be independent members of the community. For many newcomers, a barrier they face is not feeling welcomed in their new home and a way to promote successful integration is pairing newcomers with community members who can foster a genuine bond to help them transition more smoothly into their new surroundings.      
  • Literacy Tutor -  Provide teaching support to adult learners in LINC (Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada) classes. After receiving relevant training, meet with the adult learners individually to help them improve their literacy skills in English, which will lead to faster integration within our society. 
  • ESL Classroom Assistant - The classroom assistant works with English as a Second Language learners who are attending LINC classes.  He or she helps ESL learners to achieve their individual learning goals through targeted one-on-one or small group instruction in a classroom environment, with guidance from the ESL instructor.  
  • Arrival Support - This role works alongside the Arrival Services Team, who are responsible for the resettlement of new arrivals, and is crucial in assisting newcomers during their initial weeks in Canada. In this role, you will have the opportunity to meet and assist newly arrived refugees, ensuring they feel supported in their new community. The new arrivals are in a new country, a new city, with a new language, new food, laws and culture; they may be alone, with no family, contacts or friends. 
  • Homework Club - Homework Club is an afterschool tutoring program offered to help newcomer children of all backgrounds, especially those who have come to Canada as refugees. The Homework Club Tutor provides tutoring support so that students can reach their academic goals and can adapt and integrate faster into the New Brunswick education system. Homework Club Tutors primarily provide support in middle and high school math, English, science and ESL.
  • Interpreter - Assist newcomers at meetings, appointments, and other relevant rendezvous and act as the link for communication as the newcomer virtually speaks and you interpret what they are saying. All languages welcome and the more, the merrier.
  • Community Guide - Assist newcomer orientation to key community services, empowering them toward independence in accessing these services, such as travelling in a timely manner to appointments, navigating systems in hospitals and clinics, learning the registration process at community services, and becoming independently able to make future appointments. 


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Katie Pierce | Volunteer Liaison | 506-646-2396 | k.pierce@saintjohny.ca