The YMCA has been offering swimming lessons to Canadians since the 1900s. Thousands of Canadians have learned to swim at the Y and so can your kids. That’s why we offer swim lessons, aquatic fitness classes and other programs for toe beginners to triathletes and everyone in between.

At the Saint John Regional Y, a membership includes swimming lessons! Find the program that's right for you and contact us today if you have any specific questions about swimming at the Y. 

Swim Times

Come and enjoy the water at your own convenience! Our pool is available for drop-in and lane swimming throughout the day. No matter how busy you are, there is a swim time to fit your schedule. 

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Swim Lessons

Which lesson should my child attend?

If aged 6 months-3 years swimmer will register for Parent and Tot classes.

If aged 3-5 years swimmer will enroll in a Lil Dippers level- see level descriptions document for details.

If aged 6-16 swimmer will enroll in Youth lessons- see level descriptions document for details.  

Star Leadership (Star 5-7) requires the ability to swim 500m continuously and proficiency in front crawl, back crawl, breastroke, sidestroke and elementary backstroke.

Memberships at the YMCA of Greater Saint John include swimming lessons and access to all Y programs. Your child must be a member at the Y in order to be registered for lessons.

If your child has taken lessons before and you would like to match them in a program that aligns with their experience please bring in their old report cards upon registration. Our staff will be able to match your child’s experience with the perfect Y fit.  View our lesson conversion chart

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Aquatic Fitness

Want to add a little variety to group fitness classes? Just add water! 

The properties of water will bring a new dynamic to your workout. The resistance of the water strengthens your muscles as you push and pull your body through the water. While moving at top speed, or any speed, your body weight is supported by the buoyancy of the water, so you reduce the impact on your joints as you improve your cardiovascular fitness. Led by trained YMCA Instructors, these classes offer a host of benefits for all fitness levels, and you'll appreciate the ability to control the intensity by modifying surface area, speed, and force of movements.

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Aquatic Certifications

Open the door to employment and volunteer possibilities through our YMCA Aquatic Certifications programs. Certification as a lifeguard or swimming instructor can lead to employment opportunities at the YMCA and elsewhere. You'll also develop leadership skills that can have a profound impact on your future success.

At the YMCA, you can choose from a variety of certifications:

YMCA Swim Instructor
Bronze Star
Bronze Medallion
Bronze Cross (pre-requisites for National Lifeguard certification)
National Lifeguard (NL)

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National Lifeguard Certification Course

Become a lifeguard at the Y!