Stay Strong

Stay Strong is a unique 12-week, free exercise program at the YMCA of Greater Saint John for all ages undergoing chemotherapy, radiation and hormonal therapy treatmentfor various cancers. The main objective of the Stay Strong exercise program is to minimize the negative side effects that people tend to experience from cancer treatments.It will also improve quality of life and allow individuals to...

Nutrition 101

A 6-week classroom based program that will teach you the nutrition basics. Learn about proper serving size, calories needs, and the difference between carbs, proteins, and fats. At the end of the 6 weeks, you’ll have a better understanding about the food you’re putting into your body as well as how to eat to improve your workouts.

Cardiac Maintenance

The Cardiac Maintenance Program is designed to ensure Cardiac Rehabilitation patients and those who fall under a high-risk category, have a structured, supervised exercise program.Cardiac Maintenance is a transitional program to ease Cardiac Rehabilitation participants into a structured exercise program as a member of the Saint John Regional YMCA.

Building Better Bones

This program is led by a trained instructor, specifically designed for participants with Osteoporosis. The class includes low impact aerobics and strength training on land and in the water.

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Horizon Health Network’s Cardiovascular Health and Wellness program has a Cardiac Rehabilitation program offered at the YMCA. Horizon Health Network’s Physiotherapist Steven Mundle delivers the Cardiac Rehabilitation program.The program consists of 12 weekly sessions, 2 hours a week. There is an hour of education followed by an hour of supervised exercise. Participants are exempt from...