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Saint John
Type of Position:
Two hour weekly visits are recommended
Placement Date:

The First Friend initiative is designed to create a natural, unique friendship with your newcomer match while assisting them in adjusting to life in Canada and encouraging them to become independent. This volunteer works alongside the Settlement Counsellor and is coordinated by the Volunteer Liaison, Katie Pierce, k.pierce@saintjohny.ca.

Major Responsibilities:

  • Attend orientation and training session for volunteers.
  • Introduce the newcomer to the city of Saint John and some of the resources it has to offer through guided tours or visits throughout the city.
  • Offer support and guidance in learning to shop for groceries and other common needs.
  • Offer the newcomer an opportunity to regularly practice his or her English in an informal setting.
  • Take time to learn and understand the culture and values of the newcomer while simultaneously teaching an appreciation for Canadian traditions and values.
  • Introduce the newcomer to social and recreational activities.
  • Spend time with the newcomer family.  Here are some suggestions you can do together:
    • Go for a walk - Harbour Passage, Lansdowne Mall, Fort Howe, neighbourhood.
    • Show newcomers how to read the map of Saint John provided by the Resettlement Team.  Locate key points of interest (i.e. grocery stores, Regional Y, hospitals, etc…)
    • Go for a drive – Rockwood Park, Irving Nature Park, River Drive, Uptown 
    • Share common interests or activities (i.e. swimming, picnic, walks in the park, etc.)
  • There is no fiscal responsibility that comes with this role.
  • Encourage newcomers to be independent whenever possible and allow them to learn and grow from the choices they make.

The Newcomer Connections Team would like to thank all volunteers for their time and effort.

Name of Contact or Department: Katie Pierce, Volunteer Liaison

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