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Slide Camp is a place to learn, grow and have fun! At camp children are safe, active and happy. They learn to become more independent, self-confident and develop an appreciation for the outdoors.

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Slide Camp is a great place to disconnect with the screen and reconnect with the people around you and with the great outdoors.

A Place to Disconnect

Slide We offer a variety of programming for campers 7 to 15 years old. From our 2-night introductory program to extensive 3-week Leader-in-Training, we have something for everybody.

Something for Everybody

Camp Glenburn Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness

We take our campers’ health and safety very seriously. Our Health Hut is staffed 24 hours per day to manage medications and treat minor injuries and illnesses.

If your camper is taking medication, please be sure to indicate all medications and dosage on the registration form. If required, you will meet with the Camp Nursing Student to hand off any medication or discuss health concerns. All medications must be in their original packaging.

The Glenburn Office will contact you in case of medical emergency or concerns.

Camp Glenburn What to Pack

What to Pack

Little Voyager (2 nights)
Adventurer (2 nights)
Discoverer (5 nights)
Explorer (12 nights)
Junior Leadership (12 nights)
Leadership Hike (12 nights)
Leadership Canoe (12 nights)
Leader-In-Training (19 nights)

Camp Glenburn Contact Your Camper

Contact Your Camper

Campers are busy while at Glenburn, so do not be surprised if letters from camp are infrequent or non-existent. It’s a good sign! Please consider sending stamped, self-addressed envelopes and paper with your child to make it easier for them to stay in touch. You can leave your letters with the counsellor or mail them to:

311 Route 850, Kingston NB, E5N 1W6

Campers can also receive, but not send, emails. Emails are printed and delivered once a day. Please limit emails to one per day per camper. We cannot print photos. You can email your camper at:

Camp Glenburn Opening and Closing Days

Opening and Closing Days

Arrival Time: 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Departure Time: 10:00 – 12:00 pm

We try to make this process as fluid and efficient as possible. To receive the warm welcome and attention you deserve please arrive no earlier than 10:00 am and contact the Glenburn Office if you anticipate after 12:00 noon. Here is what you can expect from the check-in process:

Cabin Assignment – Your camper is pre-assigned to a cabin of 8 campers similar in age. Make sure to indicate any cabinmate requests on your registration form.
Meet your Senior Counsellor – Your SC will guide you through the check-in process. This is a great time to ask questions or fill them in on any concerns or camper information.
Lice Check – All campers must undergo a lice check. Any camper found with bugs or nits will be sent home for treatment and will not be able to return until the next available session.
Medical Information – Any camper with packed medication or with health concerns will meet with the Camp Nursing Student.
Get Comfortable – Meet your camper’s cabinmates and Junior Counsellor(s), unpack, make their bunk and walk around.
Meet the Manager or Director – You will find the Camp Manager or Camp Director on site and available to hear any questions or concerns.

Camp Glenburn Homesickness


When a child is away from home, it is reasonable to assume that they will need time to adjust to the change in routine and may suffer from homesickness. Our staff are trained to detect early symptoms of homesickness and to deal with it compassionately.

By overcoming homesickess, campers attain a degree of independence, self-reliance and maturity. It may be hard for a camper to overcome this natural reaction if a promise of an early pick-up is made by the parent/guardian.

There are no refunds for a camper who is sent home early due to homesickness. The Glenburn Office will contact you if homesickess is persistent or severe.

Camp Glenburn Communication From Camp

Communication From Camp

One of the greatest benefits  campers receive during their time away is the opportunity to disconnect, fostering independance, self-reliance and maturity.
We recognise that this radio-silence can be difficult for parents/guardians. Rest assured, the Glenburn Office will contact you should there be any:
1) Persistent or severe homesickness,
2) Medical concerns or
3) Behavioural and disciplinary concerns.

But please remember: No News Is Good News!

You can also expect the following communication from the Glenburn Office:
1) Confirmation email upon registration;
2) Pre-camp email in June;
3) Pre-camp email sent one week prior to attending camp;
4) Camper report at pick-up;
5) Post-camp survey.

Camp Glenburn Food Service

Food Service

We’re committed to healthy living and an integral part of that is serving campers delicious and nutritious meals. We can accommodate allergies, vegetarian, vegan, halal and kosher needs. Meals are served family style, or on out-trips – beneath the open skies. Make sure to indicate any dietary restrictions or information on your registration form.

When packing, please do not send any product that may contain nut ingredients. If campers have nut products, their counsellor will dispose of them. Please screen all items for any traces of nuts before sending. We want everyone to have a happy and healthy stay at camp.

Camp Glenburn Lost and Found

Lost and Found

Glenburn Counsellors promote tidiness in the cabins and encourage campers to take responsibility for their belongings. Inevitably, things get lost or forgotten. All lost and found will be displayed on Closing Day Check-Out. Lost and Found will be kept “as is” until the end of August. Any items that are not claimed will be donated to a local charity. Here are some packing tips:

Label Everything – This makes it much easier for items to be returned to their rightful owner.
Send Old Clothes – Things will get dirty, used and lost.
Have a Laundry Bag – Laundry services are NOT available at camp except in emergencies. Laundry bags are helpful in keeping dirty and clean clothes seperate.

Camp Glenburn Behaviour and Discipline Policies

Behaviour and Discipline Policies

Our basic camp rules follow the YMCA core values of Honesty, Caring, Respect, Inclusivity and Responsibility. As such our general camp rules are as follows:

1) Respect each other;
2) Respect yourself;
3) Respect the natural environment;
4) Respect Glenburn Camp and Staff.

Camp Glenburn does, however, have specific rules that could result in the participant being sent home:

1) Violent towards others;
2) Abuse or harassment of any kind;
3) Particpant endangering others or themselves;
4) Possession of drugs, alcohol or tobacco.

There are no refunds if a camper is sent home due to behavioural or discipline issues. The Glenburn Office will contact you in case of behavioural and disciplinary issues.