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Food Safety Certification

The Language of Food Safety prepares newcomers for the Food Safety course and exam. We will get the chance to study the Food Safety Training coursebook followed by a one-day course with a certified Food Safety Instructor.

This certification focuses on delivering language preparation for 8 sessions, teaching new vocabulary and reading skills. This gives newcomers the opportunity to learn and understand the course. Once this is completed, a full day together allows for all materials to come together. To prepare for the certification exam, practice questions will be available. The Food Safety Certification Course is a full-day program with a certified Food Safety Instructor. The instructor will teach in the morning and after lunch, students write the Food Safety Certification exam.


Language for Food Safety Thursday Evenings in May| UNBSJ Annex A & B

Food Safety Training & Exam: June 25 | 9:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M. | UNBSJ Annex A & B

To register or to learn more, contact Sue: 506-349-8047 or s.hemmings@saintjohny.ca

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