How YMCA Early Childhood Educators Inspire Kids to Learn

YMCA Early Childhood

When Laura Campbell took a job at a day care in Moncton, she did not expect that she would find her passion.

“I thought, ‘I’ll work here for now and eventually find something else…’ but then I fell in love with the kids, the staff, and the job itself” Laura said.

Wanting to move back to her home town of Saint John she found a position at the YMCA Millidgeville Community Centre as an Early Childhood Educator (ECE).

The foundation of the YMCA Playing to Learn curriculum has a focus on Educators being engaged in children’s learning and building meaningful relationships with the children. Laura firmly believes in the Playing to Learn curriculum, saying that play allows children to learn on a deeper level, as opposed to simply explaining something to a child.

Laura loves being an ECE and feels a sense of achievement when she hears from parents that the children are excited to come back to the Y. Seeing a child succeed at something they have been struggling with is also a proud moment for Laura.

“I love seeing a child succeed at something, and being proud of themselves. It’s pretty great to see the joy on their faces when they figure out something as small as zipping up their zipper.”

Laura also believes in communicating with parents about their child’s progress. She works hard to maintain a positive relationship with parents, and says that she truly values the parent educator relationship.

According to Laura, having a meaningful bond with the children is the best way to see that they are improving.

“Any learning that I see in the children gives me a feeling of achievement, and reminds me why I said ‘yes’ to being an Early Childhood Educator.”

Laura has since accepted a new role at the Saint John Regional Y as an After School Program Coordinator. Congratulations Laura!