Lisa Weir

Lisa Weir’s Y Story 

In February 2016, we accompanied our daughter Kennedy to the Y for the first time as part of a sports program she attended for youth with disabilities.  We were so impressed by what little of the facility we had seen during that initial visit, we came back very soon after for an official tour. In March, our family signed up for a membership and we’ve been regulars ever since! 

After doing things on my own, using some of the cardio equipment and a few of the weight machines, I wanted more so I began working with one of the trainers.  Esh has designed a number of programs specifically for me and has been teaching me about the right exercises to work on altering and improving my body composition. 

Improving my nutrition along with becoming a regular at the Y has been paying off – between March and November, I’ve lost 60 pounds and seven inches from my waist. I’ve got a lot more energy and I’m feeling great.  I’m still on the journey and I still have a lot to learn but I am grateful to be able to come to this amazing facility and have knowledgeable staff to continue supporting me along the way.  

Lisa Weir
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