COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 Recovery Plan Level: Yellow Phase


Members are expected to self-screen for COVID-19 at home prior to entering any of our facilities. There will no longer be a screening desk. Please stay home if you are experiencing two or more COVID-19 symptoms.

Members must have their access cards or government-issued photo IDs to scan or sign in for contact tracing. You must also have a mask or full-face shield to enter the premises.

Members must still wear masks at all times, including in public spaces such as hallways, change rooms, and lobbies.

Masks may be removed while you are actively working out in your workout station or at your piece of equipment. Masks must be worn when moving between areas.

Your mask must be approved as per GNB Mask guidelines or be a full face shield and it must cover your mouth and nose. You will not be permitted entry into the Y without a mask.

Members must practice and maintain at least 2 metres/6 feet of physical distance between themselves and other members at all times.

Members of your Steady 15 Bubble will be permitted to participate in “bubble” programs with you (e.g. multiple individuals may participate in Bubble Gym or an Aquatics program at the Saint John Regional Y if they are in one another’s Steady 15 bubble but do not have the same address). You do not have to wear masks or maintain physical distancing in the immediate vicinity of someone who is in your bubble.

As a member, it is your responsibility, to be honest and careful about maintaining your Steady 15 Bubble to do your part in protecting public health. Also, please be mindful and respectful of your proximity to others and general hygiene practices to help prevent the spread of illness.

Our change rooms and showers will be open for use at the Saint John Regional Y and the Irving Oil Field House. You are expected to respect physical distancing, wear masks at all times when not in the showers, and sanitize all commonly used surfaces (e.g. locks, benches, shower stalls).

Seating will be available in the lobby at the Saint John Regional Y; however, staff and members will be required to sanitize all common surfaces before and after each use.

The lobby at the Irving Oil Field House will remain closed for the time being.

Members must exit the building by 2:00 PM for daily deep-cleaning so that we can sanitize our spaces. We ask that you factor enough time in your visits to change and exit the building in a timely manner. If you are using the lockers in our change rooms, they must be empty between 2:00 PM and 2:30 PM.

Facilities, Programs, and Services

Members must continue to wear masks at all times except when actively working out. You must wear your mask when travelling between pieces of equipment and workout areas. You must also sanitize all common surfaces and equipment before and after each use.

At the Saint John Regional Y, all lanes on the track will be open but members will need to wear masks as there is not enough room to maintain safe physical distancing without them (i.e. maintain 2 metres/6 feet of distance).

The track at the Irving Oil Field House will continue to accommodate users with alternating lanes for physical distancing. Masks are not required unless you are passing another member.

All and aquatics programs will resume with capacities reflective of the physical distancing requirements of the current COVID-19 recovery phase. Lane Swim is the only program that will require advance sign-up online and two people are permitted to use each lane. The rest of our aquatics programs are drop-in. Please be sure to check out our app and website for more information.

As a friendly reminder, all aquatics participants are required to shower prior to entering the pool.

Swim lessons resumed as of Sunday, March 14. There will be two sessions: (1) March 14 to May 2; (2) May 9 to June 19.

All Sports & Recreation and Group Fitness programs will resume with capacities reflective of the physical distancing requirements of the current COVID-19 recovery phase. These programs require advance sign-up online. Please be sure to check out our app and website for more information.

Child Minding will not be returning during the Yellow Phase. We will keep you informed as soon as possible if and when we are able to resume this service.

YMCA Child Care is an essential service and all of our locations will remain open during the Yellow Phase. Any new guidelines set out by the Department of Education and early childhood developments will be communicated directly to our families.

Newcomer Connections will continue to serve its clients with a blended delivery of online and in-person programs and services.

User groups at the Irving Oil Field House are required by the government to operate with their own operational plans, which are separate from those of the YMCA. For example, members of these groups (e.g. sports teams) may not be required to wear masks when in play, which is permitted in their operational plan but is different from that of the Fitness Centre at the Field House (where masks are required).

You can rest assured that the Y, our user groups, and the government work together to ensure the health and safety of everyone in our community.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are unable to wear it for medical reasons, then you must wear a full face shield to enter and use our facilities.

Gloves, such as workout gloves, aren’t permitted as staff and members cannot adequately sanitize them between touching and using our equipment. Hand sanitizer is readily available on-site and members can use soap and water in our washrooms. We encourage our members to wash their hands frequently and thoroughly.

To enhance our cleaning measures all staff, volunteers, members, and guests will be supporting the housekeeping team and each other in ensuring all areas are sanitized and disinfected. Sanitizing equipment before and after you use it helps prevent the spread of COVID-19 as well as other communicable illnesses, such as the common cold. If everyone does their part in keeping our facilities clean, it helps keep our Y and our entire community safe and healthy.

In order to accommodate proper physical distancing, we have had to move and/or decommission some of our equipment. Some equipment, such as the cardio machines, have signs posted indicating that they are not in use.

In order to maintain records for contract tracing, we are required to keep a list of all people who have been in the building. As protocols will be adjusted as needed and people’s health can change daily, it is necessary for all members and guests to be aware of these changes and agree to follow the protocols and etiquette in place to provide a safe environment for all.

All protocols are posted at our Member Gates, Hallways, Fitness Centres, on the Pool Deck at the Saint John Regional Y, and in the Team Room designated at the Irving Oil Field House.

Some programs require registration in advance whereas others do not, and this is due to capacity limits as per physical distancing and exercise guidelines. The registration process helps ensure your safety and satisfaction.

You can check out our schedules and register for classes through our website and via our mobile app.

Of course, you can — but spaces are not guaranteed and we don’t want you to be disappointed.

It’s always best to register in advance if necessary. If you require assistance, please contact the team at our Welcome Desk.

Following all Public Health Regulations in addition to having their own operation plan, all user groups have modifications made to the regulations to accommodate skills and drills training.

If you have symptoms that resemble COVID-19, such as a runny nose or sneezing from seasonal allergies, then you are permitted into the Y. But you need to bring a doctor’s note stating so; we will keep one on your account and ask that you carry one with you.

Yes, anyone over the age of 2 must wear a mask; those under the age of 2 do not.

Yoga/exercise mats are porous and require more time and effort to properly sanitize. To help protect your health and safety, we require that you bring your own.

EVERYONE! Members, user groups, staff, volunteers, and community members —anyone who comes into our centers and spaces. It is everyone’s responsibility to adhere to both Public Health and the YMCA’s protocols and policies. We encourage everyone to speak out, or if you aren’t comfortable, to get someone to assist.

Remember it’s not about the action, it’s about supporting the person, protocol or policy in a kind way.