Older Adult Memberships

We all know living a healthy lifestyle helps you maintain vitality, independent living, improve your mental health, manage weight, and reduce your risk of chronic disease. But the benefits of being a part of the Y’s active community take these benefits a step further. We help individuals of all stages of life active through activities and social connection experiences, giving them confidence and social skills. We encourage older adults to maintain quality of life and independent living by getting involved in fall prevention and health management programs.

65+ Membership Package includes:

  • No joiner fee
  • 20% off YMCA merchandise
  • Annual fall risk assessment
  • Annual health check

Older Adult Programs

This class is designed for anyone starting a fitness program and for active older adults (50+). It includes weights and flexibility.

YMCA Aquafit is a great way to get fitness benefits and improve your circulation without stressing your joints. By pushing against the resistance of water, you can adapt each session to your own level of fitness. It is a great way to add variety to your fitness program.

A guided stretching routine in the therapy pool for adults to improve and retain range of motion. Swimming skills are not required. There is a max 20 participants per class for an enjoyable experience.