Sports and Recreations

Sports and Recreation

Come in and perfect your backhand! Drop-in and play some badminton against other members or bring a friend. Nets will be set up, and birdies and racquets are available to sign out. This drop-in program is included with your YMCA Membership.

Drop in self organized pick-up basketball.

The fast-paced, interactive sport of dodgeball is the latest addition to the Adult Recreation offerings at the Y. Those 18+ can come enjoy the social yet challenging sport of dodgeball. This is a must try!

Recreational Ping Pong for adults 18+.

Basketball focused curriculum to develop sport related skills and teamwork, following instruction, leadership and cooperation. Mini games, activities and skill development will be delivered by staff and volunteers with strong basketball and coaching knowledge. The program runs in correlation to the organized basketball scheduled on Saturdays. Program to be supported by local basketball community including Saint John Riptide.

Come together for some empowering activites!

Girls in Motion is a free 6 week program designed to increase the participation of girls in physical activity by promoting overall health, confidence and well-being. This is a FREE program supported by the Y’s Strong Communities Campaign and is open to Y members as well and the public. (Non-YMCA Member must present a peice of government photo ID to access programming.)

This is a registered program with a maximun of 12 participants. Please register with the membership desk, by phone at 693-9622 or my email at

A program for families to come and enjoy a game of badminton together.

A program for families to come and enjoy a game of Pickleball together.

A program for families to come and enjoy a game of ping pong together.

Family: Adult & Child
This Instructor lead program that introduces and instructs sport and physical activity based skills. All staff and volunteers will have strong sport teaching and coaching backgrounds.

A parent and tot dance program that will promote Gross Motor skill development and physical literacy. Instructor led, this will prove to be an exciting environment filled with learning and fun! This is an eight week program. Maximum 15 participants.

YMCA Kindergym programs are fun-filled playful movement sessions designed for your toddler and preschooler.

Kindergym sessions are also a great way for young participants to build relationships while working in a group, listening, taking turns, and following instruction.

YMCA Kindergym will help children develop general motor skills including jumping, rolling, balancing, and basic coordination.

Basketball was invented at the YMCA, and it’s still going strong here! It’s also a great way to stay fit, meet people, and have fun. Come join other members for some friendly hoops.

A program for youth to come and enjoy Mini Sticks. All equipment will be provided.

The Gymnasium is free to use for recreation.

A program for parents and children from infant to age 0-5 to come and enjoy the Y.

Pickleball is a court sport best described as halfway between tennis and ping pong. Participant organized drop-in play for any skill level. Equipment provided.

Pickleball is a court sport best described as halfway between tennis and ping pong. This is an introductory program for anyone new to the sport. Equipment provided.

Run Jump Throw Wheel (RJTW) is a national program developed by Athletics Canada that teaches fundamental movement skills and develops physical literacy.  Using track and field inspired games, activities and skill challenges lead by instructors specifically trained to teach the fundamentals of running, jumping, throwing and wheeling (for children in wheelchairs).

Taekwondo classes will be fun, energetic, fitness based classes available for all ages and fitness levels. It will follow the Olympic style Taekwondo and promotes a positive atmosphere by emphasizing safety, self-control and respect. This class will provide instruction in Taekwondo Fundamentals such as teaching simple stance, punches, kicks and blocks while developing fundamental motor skills such as balance, agility and coordination. This is the ideal class for those looking to try something fun exciting or for those looking to develop fundamental movements necessary for all sports. This will be a group sport and will be available to all ages and fitness levels, however students must be able to take direction.

Want to try something new? This is an ideal class for youth who have never played but always had a desire, or those who are still at the very beginner level.

Over the years, thousands of people have been active on the court through the popular league that was established for various skill levels and age divisions and through tournament play.

The popularity of beach volleyball has been on a steady rise and participation levels continue to increase. Volleyball on the Boardwalk provides an opportunity for people to be active, it creates excitement on the Boardwalk and is a great outdoor venue for volleyball enthusiasts. Available for league play and rentals. Contact for any inquiries.

A Drop In Program for youth members to enjoy a fun game of badminton. No experience necessary.

A choreographed class for teens that features movements borrowed from different dance styles.

Y Lead Program is for youth aged 13 – 18 who want to develop leadership skills through fun and challenging learning experiences.

The Y Lead program will be split into 2 groups, one junior and one senior:

  • 20 Junior Leaders: Ages 12-14 (Grade 8-9)
  • 20 Senior Leaders: Ages 15-18 (Grades 10-12)

The groups will be held on separate nights, with the exceptions of trips, guest speakers, events etc. The program will run from 6 PM-8 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Irving Oil Field House.

Participants will each receive a YMCA Membership for the duration of the program to utilize all of the Y’s programs, services and facilities.

Participants will also receive a welcome kit including a hoodie, book bag, notebook, pens and other swag from the program sponsors.

Interested Youth are encouraged to write a short 100-200 word description about themselves and why they are interested in the Y Lead program. Youth can apply by sending their resume, cover letter and description to

In partnership with Pickleball Saint John – Youth Pickleball is a 10 week program starting Oct. 6 2020

Youth aged 10 – 17 interested in learning a new and growing sport are encouraged to join!

A Drop In program for youth to have fun in a recreation game of Ping Pong.

A program for youth participants to be instructed on the fundamentals of rugby. This program includes various mini games and activities designed to encourage teamwork and skill development.

For Youth ages 6-17 to come and enjoy a drop In Soccer program. There will be Y staff to show you some tricks and teach you new skills as well.

A staffed drop-in program that will be planned to include age appropriate organized games, crafts and activities for participating children. Come meet new friends in an inclusive, fun environment!