Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cultural Competency?

Cultural Competency – or CQ, cultural awareness, cultural intelligence –  put simply is your ability to relate and work well across cultures.

What is Newcomer Connections?

Newcomer Connections at the YMCA of Greater Saint John is a leading immigrant settlement centre committed to helping transform our community into a lasting, healthy home for newcomers. We work to empower newcomers from around the world, and all walks of life, to become independent, contributing members of the community.

Who needs Cultural Competency?

Anyone who wants to grow in their ability to relate and work well across cultures, any cultures. This is not just something that local Saint Johners can benefit from. It’s a skill that any newcomer can and should also seek to develop, to learn more about the local culture in addition to the cultures of other newcomers they may rub shoulders with.

I didn’t see a price — how much are the various trainings?

Please contact our social inclusion facilitator directly for a needs assessment and price quote.

I don’t have a day, or even three hours, to gather my people together for a training. Do you offer anything less than three hours?

Yes and no. There are no trainings for less than three hours. The content is too weighty and requires reflection and personal application, which cannot be accomplished in less than three hours; however, our social inclusion facilitator is available for guest speaking/ Q-and-A times which can be anywhere from one to two hours.

Do you do consultations?

Please contact the social inclusion facilitator directly for a needs assessment and quote.

For any other questions contact:

Kay Kanyandula | Diversity and Social Inclusion Facilitator | 506-343-5515 |