Y Stories | Ofir Aharon & Bergen Fraser: Recipients of the 2020 David Walker Memorial Bursary

David Walker (Fyn) spent many summers at Camp Glenburn as a camper, CIT, and staff member. He loved the outdoors and Glenburn gave him the opportunity to hone his outdoor skills. Thanks to an Endowment Fund set up in David’s memory, each year two bursaries are awarded in his memory to youth participating in the leadership programs. This year there were two recipients for his bursary, Ofir Aharon and Bergen Fraser.

“When I’m outside, I feel free and connected to the earth, when we are inside we are confined to a space,” says Bergen Fraser. “When I am outdoors I can go anywhere and take my leadership to the next level.”

Having the opportunity to receive the David Walker Memorial Bursary allowed for the recipients to embody David’s spirit daily. “We are always outside developing our skills – which is what David loved to do,” says Ofir Aharon.

One thing that was important to David was being part of a team and making connections. Camp Glenburn is all about working together to accomplish a common goal and making lifelong friends.

“Everyone brings their own dynamic to Camp Glenburn,” says Fraser. “We are able to open up and really see how different personalities work together, this doesn’t happen in every environment.”

Glenburn is a special place where skills are developed, friendships are formed and memories last a lifetime. The David Walker Memorial Fund allows campers to continue his legacy and push themselves to their leadership potential.

This year Bergen Fraser and Ofir Aharon were the deserving recipients and have tried to continue his legacy as best they could all summer.

“We love what Camp Glenburn stands for – positivity. It’s a special place to us and many others,” says Fraser.

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